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The Batwa Experience

If  cultural tourism is what excites you, then the Batwa Experience is the most original and traditional Ugandan cultural experience that you experience in its native form.  The Batwa community experience is carried out in Mgahinga National park in south western Uganda.
The tour is guided by the Batwa themselves who take you through the forest habitat that once acted as a home to these little people. The guides passionately take you through how they used to carry out hunting, fetch water using Bamboo mugs, how these used to build their houses and also some of the caves where they once lived. Along the trail, you also get to see the fruits that the Batwa survived on while in the forest.  There herbs that were used and are still being used for medicines.
The Batwa experience does not end here but also incorporates the current livelihood of the Batwa and how they have embraced modern ways of living, the mud houses that have replaced the caves, subsistence agriculture that has replaced the fruit gathering and hunting, this transition is a mind opening experience and humbling when listening to these testimonies.
However despite the transition, some cultural heritage sites and ceremonies have been maintained and still mean a lot to the Batwa and these include the Garama cave that we shall see, that was a ceremonial place for Batwa cultural leaders and is still a symbol of the Batwa culture.
Come with us on this Batwa Cultural experience and learn something new about the Ugandan people, that you have not known before.


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