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Travel Tips in Kisoro

In a country boasting the largest density of birds per square kilometer, Kisoro birdlife is rich and diverse. Many species can be found across key wetlands, rainforest, mountains, lakes and woodlands, with a range of endemic and migratory species to be seen.

Kisoro conservation is essential to protect and preserve the area's gorilla populations, as well as the key habitats including wetlands, lakes, woodlands and forests.

Kisoro malaria medication includes the following:
•Mefloquine (Lariam)
•Atovaquone/proguanil (Malarone)

Kisoro plant life is lush and green, with a range of vegetation regions from wetlands, woodlands, forests and savannas.

Safety Tips
•Kisoro is generally safe for travel, however basic precautions should be taken
•Pick pocketing, robbery and muggings have been known to occur, so be on guard
•Keep valuables out of sight and secure in a moneybag under your shirt
•Avoid travel to areas near borders of Sudan, DRC or other areas
•Avoid travelling to northern Uganda, where the Lord's Resistance Army is in occupation

Kisoro wildlife ranges from freshwater fish and crayfish in the Lake Bunyonyi area, as well as gorillas, chimpanzees and bobobo.

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